A Story – Part One

One day, there was a family of four brothers. Heart, Pride, Reason, and Experience. Heart is a tender person. His feeling was so “fragile” and he often cries, a lot. But sometimes he is the toughest guy on earth. Pride is high and mighty. He walk with his chin facing the sky. He’s an honorable man. Reason is a man full of excuses. He’s smart yet lazy. Experience is the wisest person on earth. He knows everything. He’s the oldest of all brothers.

They are good brothers. They often hang out together despite of their difference. They talk, laugh, and play together all the time. It seems they don’t have anything in common. What a strange family. Oh wait, they do have something in common. They liked the same girl. Her name is love.

Love is sweet beautiful girl. Anyone would fall in love at the first sight with her. She’s cute, kind, and always smiling. But she has something that everybody don’t know. Even i don’t know what that “something” is. What i know is that “something” can make people confused, it can make people sad, happy, laugh, cries, and just about any felling you can say. The four brothers didn’t know that they have loved the same person. All they know was Love is a sweet girl and they want to date her.

On one sunny day, with the sun shining brightly and the wind blowing gently. Heart is walking on the park. That is his favorite place because there are flower, bird, tree, and people. That is a lovely place for Heart. When he was walking alongside the river, he saw a familiar figure. A figure that he hold dear inside him. “It’s Love!” Said Heart excitingly. Love was standing at the center of the bending bridge in the middle of the river. She’s clinging to the wooden hand grip of the bridge with her face facing the river, it seems she’s thinking about something. Love turned her head as Heart get closer.

“Hey Heart!” Said Love with smile.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” Replied Heart.

“Umm nothing. I just felt like to.” Said Love.

And they talking and talking for hours until Love said goodbye to Heart. This is Heart’s best day. He get to chat with Love for hours. It is said that Heart keep smiling for the next three days.

Pride also liked Love but he won’t show it to her. He won’t show it to anybody. It’s too un-honorable for him. Pride and Love is a schoolmate. He often saw Love in the canteen or hallway but seldom speak with her, not even looking. Just a glimpse of glance from his eyes. That’s Pride. He love her but don’t want to say.

to be continued,,,


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